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Fall 2020 Meeting

Saturday November 7

Will be held online
Via Zoom

Meeting info will be posted prior to meeting

In person meeting in Bloomington has been canceled

Registration starts at 9AM
Call to order at 10AM


Fall 2020 Newsletter Fall 2020 Newsletter

MRC regional Selective Access Plan: Access Plan

Current Coordination policy with regions Policy

Members may check their dues status via the following link Weblist.pdf

The Current MRC repeater listing is available. MN_List.pdf
Please note that this list is sorted in 4 different methods.
Current frequency list in a text format freq.txt

MRC public data in csv format export.csv
This file is a data export from Coordinators Tool Kit, it is not sorted.
Frequency fields are exported to 5 decimal places, your software may round off to less.
Coordinates are rounded off to 2 decimal places.
It is up to the end user to sort the data as they see fit. What you see is what you get.

Repeater coordination form coord-form.pdf

Email list for MRC events, for more information and to subscribe follow this link: http://eight.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/mrc

This list is open to anyone with a interest in the MRC, however we ask that you read the list guidelines and follow them.

MRC members may pay membership dues via Paypal

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